What is it

Texier is ruby port of Texy! - Text to XHTML formatter and converter library.

How to use

Quick start

Download and unzip to some directory, require library texy.rb, create object of class Texy and call it's method process:

require 'path/to/texier'

# create Texy object
texy = Texy.new

# you can configure it, if you want
texy.image_module.root = 'images/'

# process input string
html = texy.process('Hello *world*')

You can use texier as Rails plugin. Just unzip the files to vendor/plugins/texier directory. The plugin also provides helper method which you can use in your views:

<%= texy '*Hello* world' %>


The syntax of input text is the same as in the original PHP version. You can find it's description on the Texy! home page.

API documentation

Here is a documentation generated from source codes using RDoc.


Note that texier is currently in alpha version. Testing and bug repports are welcome (^_^)

Texier 0.2

You can also checkout latest bleeding-edge version from the subversion repository: http://texier.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

Texier is distributed under the terms of General Public Licence version 2.

Bugs, suggestions

Please report them using project's bug tracker.


You can contact at .